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A purification ritual, a moment of slowness, a chance to be present

Rhythm & Ritual was born of a deep inner knowing. Of a whisper on the wind, the voice of an ancestor, the strength of a woman. A business that is alive and ever-evolving, as we all are. Emileigh’s gift is in weaving the essence of her connection to the Divine Feminine into the handcrafts that she offers. Her gentle, grounded presence enables her to be a patient teacher and she loves sharing the devotion to her craft with others.

When Emileigh is not in her broom workshop, you can find her tending to plants, making medicine, celebrating with community, plunging in creeks, teaching children, studying spiritual texts, or learning new skills.

Emileigh is a creature of the woodlands. With a heart that finds solace in the quiet and calm of the mountain creeks and forested hills, Emileigh brings a deeply grounded and embodied presence to her work.

She believes in the healing power of using one’s hand to create sacred, practical tools.

Intentionally made, her brooms hold this resonance.