Our identities are formed through the small choices we make everyday

Rhythm & Ritual was born of a deep inner knowing. Of a whisper on the wind. Of a purpose rooted in bringing together the spiritual and the mundane.

Emileigh Zola has a passion for curating spaces of depth, connection, and inspiration. She is the founder of “Rhythm and Ritual”, where she empowers individuals to craft handmade brooms with mindfulness & intention. 

She has a unique flavor that blends together a touch of traditional Appalachia where her ancestors have lived for many years, a reverence for the natural world, and a zest for life. 

Emileigh’s work can be found across the US and Canada and her classes have been enjoyed by many up and down the East Coast, where she travels to teach. She is a patient and attentive teacher, really encouraging students to slow down and tap into their own unique creative expression.

She is also a life coach and focuses on supporting her clients in setting goals, finding purpose, and transforming their lives through micro changes and habits.

Emileigh grew up in rural Maryland and moved to Western North Carolina when she was 19 to study herbal medicine at an intentional community. She now lives in a little cabin on a botanical sanctuary with her two daughters, a cat named Piper, and a snake named Zea.

She has always been drawn to a life rooted in connection to the Earth and has walked a non traditional path – choosing to study herbal medicine, stone medicine, nutrition, energy healing after high school rather than attending college.

In her early and mid 20s she homebirthed her two daughters, rooted herself down in an Earthskills based community, and embraced a life centered around tending the land and homeschooling her children.

She experienced a huge loss and reclamation of self when she got divorced and has dedicated her days over these past few years to self mastery, teaching, coaching, and being a rad mom.